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(False) Sense of Securitiy

Saga's being an incubus hit Hiroto totally out of the blue and nearly sweeped him off his feet. Could be due to Tora bursting into the changing room and clinging to his waist with a heartbreaking wail of jumbled words Hiroto could not make sense of at first. He looked up at Nao, seeking help in understanding what exactly had caused Tora so much discomfort. All Hiroto could understand in Toras jumble of words was something along the lines of 'so gay' and 'Shou did stuffwithstuffwithSAGA'.

It took Hiroto some moments of comforting his confused fledgeling and an outright command for Tora to calm down enough and tell him the whole story. Nao met Hiroto's shocked glance with the dry comment, "Hey, at least this makes more sense than Saga dry-humping his bass and Shou nearly mounting him for it... "
This drew another wail from Tora. Why could Nao not at least try to be surprised? He just reacted so calmly to everything, the whole being Hiroto's human servant seemed to have made him jaded to all preternatural stuff.

They thought about it, and Nao actually volunteered to discuss the matter with Shou and Saga as they both shuffled back into the changing room, at least having the decency to look embarrased that Tora had found them out. Though Shou seemed to be more angry at Tora for sharing their secret than Saga. Saga seemed just plain relieved.

And because Tora was being immature and refused to discuss this whole 'gay-sex-thing', Hiroto punished him quite severely. Or so Tora thought, because hunting houses with Hiroto quickly became torture. Why had he agreed to face the madness of the real estate market in Tokyo? Oh yes, Hirotos puppy dog eyes and a slightly trembling lower lip. Unfortunately, there seemed no eerily dark mansions available to Hiroto's liking, so they spent their nights alternately in Hiroto's and Tora's flat.

Developing a certain sense of security, Tora thought himself safe. Okay, there was still this whole vampire thing and Saga being half-incubus, but he had everything under control. He no longer went house shopping with Hiroto after a few days but hired a well-known (and damn expensive) realtor.
And Tora went to feeding Saga. No, not feeding feeding, but stuffing him with food whenever he had the opportunity, and even Shou remarked that Saga seemed less... 'hungry' after a full meal. That gave Shou the opportunity to also keep some of his calories to himself.
Tora himself went feeding with Hiroto on semi-willing victims who Hiroto convinced that they had just kissed and nothing more.

Everything went well for a few days. Maybe too well.
The downfall began when the realtor really found a house to Hiroto's liking. Tora did so not want to move there, because it reminded him of the house from the film 'The Grudge'. However, once again he was helpless against Hiroto mind control pouting powers and only saved his dignity by saying "First ghost I see, I am SO out of here!".
Hiroto even asked Nao to move in with them. Much to Tora's satisfaction, Nao politely declined, having spent some money to have his little house made soundproof for drumming practice. He did not want to go back to having to practice on company grounds after there had been an 'incident' with Gazette's drummer. And no, he would not explain further.

Though Tora moved with a happily bouncing Hiroto to their new 'mansion', he secretly held on to his appartment. Just in case that the ghosts would not like him. And he insisted on getting his own bedroom furnished, even though Hiroto pouted quite adorably childish about it. The next shock came when they had moved their stuff and newly acquired furniture (all made of dark wood) into the new house. Hiroto sat down in the living room and happily announced:
"Now we need to invite everyone for a house warming party!"

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