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Our vampires are different, pt. 14:
Cute little fangs

"But Tora, seriously, she is just adorable!"
Since Hiroto had nearly kicked in the front door, snarled at Tora (or more at any assumed aggressor who may have hidden in the house), laughed at Tora (when Tora had explained the whole thing to him) and had pushed past his luckily unharmed fledgeling to go see the terror of a baby dhampyr for himself, he had not let go of the litter critter.

Tora would have sworn any oath that the baby just pretended to be harmless and cute for Hiroto. Well, cute she was, but far from harmless. That Tora had learned when she had apparently translocated (or just moved very fast) from her playpen to next to him where he had curled up on the sofa. And the evil little creature had just been delighted when he had shrieked and totally out of reflex tried to flee. Not that he was really afraid of the baby, Tora assured himself. He had only been startled.
Even moreso when he had retreated to the kitchen, only to find the little girl already there and clawing at the fridge, leaving clawmarks on the once shiny surface of the now apparently bolted fridge.
And when he had not at once reacted to hear pleas, because he had no idea what the hell she wanted, he had been subjected to such a look of raw hunger... that was when his cellphone had begun to ring, distracting the baby with a happy jingle from dragonball. He had been so relieved about that, and to hear Hiroto's voice, that he had just started to cry. Just a little though.

Maybe it was because Hiroto was more of an 'awwww' and 'squee' person. Apparently, the baby took great delight in being cooed and praised and cradled, and patted, and kissed, and Tora found himself back on the sofa, sulking this time because after having laughed at him, Hiroto had not really paid any attention to him and did not even try to comfort him for all the terror he had had to live through, beginning with Miyavi's attack and ending with the murderous look the baby had cast him. Okay, maybe he was overreacting. But he wanted to be coddled, too!

And then there was this weird call from Akiya asking if they knew anything about the whereabouts of Naoran and Izumi, because Isshi was apparently in freaking-out-mode and blabbering something about military.

And it got even worse. Even if Tora was immensely grateful for Hiroto's presence, only if it meant that Miyavi's offspring was distracted from Tora... Tora did not so successfully try to suppress a whimper when Miyavi returned and not only seemed not surprised to find Hiroto there, find out that he, too, was a vampire, and even Tora sire, but also managed to talk Hiroto into taking over babysitting duty more often.
However, when Hiroto agreed to take the little bundle of joy with them for the night so Miyavi and his wife could have some 'alone time', Tora decided that he really needed a drink. Tonight. In a bar. Far away from their house.
Maybe he could take Chicken over to Shou's before the baby found the cat...?

Tora agreed to carry the ridiculously large bag of... baby stuff, but not the baby herself. Yeah, as if Hiroto would have let go of her. Maybe she had some mind control powers of her own that did not work on Tora? Would serve Hiroto right for ignoring him like this.-


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