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Ok this post will be, as always, subject to change and/or even deletion. Just got some time to play with a silly idea ^^"
AU, as in author's universe where I can just borrow and play with the characters ;)
Setting as in the Stuttgart scene, but with Capitain America coming to the rescue just a tad later.

It was always so easy with these humans. Round them up like the cattle they were, and like cattle they would be obedient given the right motivation. Motivation like a god among them, who could by sorcery multiply himself to keep them in line. Of course, these projections of himself could do little to no harm, could not even be touched or touch anyone, but no need to let the guillible suspect that. They still obediently backed away from every of his projections. Loki smiled, even if somewhat a little strained. It took some concentration to keep his image up and going in multiple instances, each independently moving an not just mirroring his every move.

However, even when presented with his godly image multiplied, with his soothing words he could make them all understand without having to stoop to actually speak any of their ugly languages, there were still some who disobeyed. Some who just would not kneel. Well, it would be positive to have some to set an example for the others for what happened when this benevolent god was denied their rightful obedience.

He never remember the humans he killed, they did not really matter, after all. However, there was one, just this side of elderly, who got his attention right before she fell. For even while she approached and reached out for one of his projections, smiling a determined smile, before she reached his image she would turn to him and look at him. Look right at him, seeing him for the sorcerer he was and clearly not being derailed by his many projections. He remembered now, there were some among the humans who were able to wield some magics, most of them descendants of some Aesir's fling with a mortal woman. Maybe she was one of those, maybe even one of his own.
She fell just as easily as the others when he unleashed his wrath though the spear he held.

What was different was his own projection, watching her fall and looking back at him in abject horror and confusion.


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