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ok if anyone would like to write sth. like this for me and even be it just a snippet: GIMME! ;)

...else I will have to cranck sth. out myself eventually >_<

1. crossover comicverse/movieverse Avengers, kid!Loki and somehow it is Tony's fault.
And/or Odin does not want to take Loki back in ("not again") and Tony takes "reponsibility" because he feels guilty (maybe Loki healed him and the arc reactoor backfired or sth. like that)

2. Usually, I hate "Thorki". However, as I scrolled past a drawing of Thor and Loki with "their two children"... maybe Loki does not really want to distance himself from Thor, but sees no other way than to leave his adopted family (or Odin casts him out, maybe even Thor wants nothing to do with him anymore "for the safety of the realm of Asgard"). But he (Loki) misses his brother, is still sore about the idea of Odin stealing him from the Jotun to "ensure the peace" (maybe he thinks about marriage schemes or sth). Loki approaches Thor in a female form (NOT Lady Loki, or Lady Loki just because she would remind Thor of his brother, whom he misses despite everything. and Loki wants to feel close to him?) Well one thing leads to another, Loki gets pregnant... how will thor react? Will Loki let him know at all? Will Loki keep up the charade?

3. In norsekink 9 (first page), there is this still unfilled prompt of Hiddles and Loki meeting... I want Loki a bit mad, as "beliefs form reality" and he now looks a lot like Hiddles (in the movie). However, he also gained a lot of power from the "believers" (FANGIRLS). Maybe he will even take the whole "Loki's army" thing at face value. Will he feel threatened by "Hiddle'a army"? ^^"

4. Oh, and maybe one where Clint walks in on Loki and Tony and Loki is just "well I guess then I'll have to kill you" and they have to convince him to let Clint live ];->

5. That absolute frustration for Loki when, for which reason ever, he tells the truth and nobody believes it?

... I have all these Loki feelings and cannot really type atm D:


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