Nov. 11th, 2010

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I have to admit I am sitting here in my office sniffeling a bit after reading this bit of news over at Shattered Tranquility.

Kagrra was the very first JRock band I ever listened to, the very first JRock band whose concert I visited (with kitten ^^) and will always stay in my fond memory. I will never forget how clear Isshi's voice is even live, Nao's smile, how tiny Sin really is, how shy Akiya seemed and Izumi's refreshing spirit. Kagrra, no Su, their series of behind the scenes films, will never be forgotten.

However, part of me can understand that after more than 10 years of continous activity the band seems to be 'tired' of it all.
In the words of Sin (guitar) "at the moment we have done what we can do and want to do as Kagrra,. It would be by pressure only if we continued these same activities without a pause."

The only one who does not seem at least partly relieved in the message to the fans seem to be Izumi (drums). Still, he also admits that there had been times when he just felt tired and he compares continuing with suffering ;-)

Personally, I have to wish all the best to all members and really hope that via Shattered or even their old company, some news as to what they will be up to will reach us.

Going in my corner to cry a bit now. As absurd as I feel it seems myself, I feel a bit like having lost a far away, yet dear friend.


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