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As I really want to get into the habit of writing, I requested a kink bingo card over at [community profile] seasonofkink 

It is a rather delightful card, the bottom line will be mine ];->

(maybe this will help to get some rather abandonded ideas going again *fingerstapleofevil*)

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ok if anyone would like to write sth. like this for me and even be it just a snippet: GIMME! ;)

...else I will have to cranck sth. out myself eventually >_<

This is madness )
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I am currently reading way too many frostiron fics. Really.
Typing is slow with only left hand D:
(just playing a bit with ideas, does not have to be too linear and might need shortening by about half)

Liar )
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Ok this post will be, as always, subject to change and/or even deletion. Just got some time to play with a silly idea ^^"
AU, as in author's universe where I can just borrow and play with the characters ;)
Setting as in the Stuttgart scene, but with Capitain America coming to the rescue just a tad later.

Part of myself )
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Well, let's see if it will be a bingo this year, or again just an amnesty ;-)

Enter at your own risk )
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2011 mini-challenge: teamwork... and an amnesty in order to be able to get a lovely new card ^^"
by: [personal profile] novembermond and [personal profile] gebieterin
fandoms: Alice Nine (JRock)
kinks: possession/marking, bites/bruises, historical roleplay, temperature play

This dark and stormy night... )
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Inspired by an entry by [ profile] kisekii and, even moreso, [ profile] breadtoaster 's comment to this entry... and I also blame the current use of painkillers XD, I give you a tale of how Uruha maybe could amuse himself scolding his technical-san for seemingly not being able to keep up with the technical equipment.

Warnings: failed attempts at humor
All situation are so not based on reality, mainly because I have absolutely no idea about technical equipment for guitars... Story mine, though I think the actual idea of Uruha cornering technical-san does rather belong to [ profile] breadtoaster ^^

Oh my god, not the belt! )
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Deutsche Übersetzung zu meinem ursprünglich Englischen Oneshot "Almost worth it":
Beinahe )
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Da kitten den 50. Kommentar bei animexx (rachepläne) abgegriffen hat, ein Bonus"kai" fürs kitten ;-)
Vorgaben: Kai ist Uke. Der Rest bleibt meinem Genie, ähm, kranken Geist überlassen. Mwahahaha ]:->
Decisions )
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Dies ist die Übersetzung einer Fanfiction, die von [personal profile] novembermond begonnen wurde und an der wir im Idealfall wechselweise weiterschreiben. (Ergo sind Teile mit der ungeraden Kapitelzahl von ihr, da verbreche ich nur die Übersetzung. Und ich wäre dran mit einem neuen Kapitel auf Englisch... sorry ^^")

Unsere Vampire sind eben anders, Teil 1 )

Unsere Vampire sind eben anders, Teil 2 )
-3- Hab ich heute schon erwähnt, dass ich hetero bin? )
-4- Bist du von mir geblendet? )
-5- Mehr als Gedankenkontrolle )
5.5 - Anime-Nerd-Vampire, die keine Ahnung von Geschichte haben )


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